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Welcome to the Wildlife Film Networks’
Documentary & Film Production Unit.

The WFN Documentary and Film production Unit (Doc’s & Film Unit / DFU), has been specifically set up to allow WFN members wishing to produce a wildlife documentary or wildlife film, to do so.
The aim is for WFN members to collaboratively work together on a wildlife film or  documentary as part of the crew. This crew will occupy all levels of crew, from Runner all the way through to Producer.
– These productions can be a one-off documentary, a series of documentaries, or a short film etc.
– There are not any restrictions to the type of production that can be listed / voted upon so long as it is a wildlife orientated idea.

– The Wildlife Film Network has not been set up to make protest films, or be point where people protesting about issues can meet. It is the intention of the Wildlife Film Network to produce good, broadcast quality, educational documentaries and films based around the subject of wildlife or wildlife habitat or wildlife related issues with funds raised through its membership.

You are required to be a ‘Production’ member of the WFN Network for a minimum of 12 months to be able to work on a WFN production.

(This section of the WFN Website will expand as we have more information in reference to a WFN productions / film projects)

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