Please note:

The ‘links’ on this page do not presently go to the WFN Stock Server at this moment in time.
We will attach the WFN Stock Server to the website as soon as a member requests to upload items to / use the WFN Stock Server.

Have you ever thought to yourself “WOW, that’s so good I could sell it” well now you can, with our WFN Stock facility.

The Wildlife Film Network have dedicated server space that you can rent as a full member, to display and sell your own wildlife footage, photographs, audio recordings, composed music and sound effects online; via our WFN Stock Server.

Anyone viewing the WFN Website will be able to purchase any of the work you have listed for sale directly from the server, without the need for you to oversee the process.
This service is provided to assist WFN members to display and sell your own ‘short duration’ video clips, photographs, audio recordings, composed music and sound effects that are related to wildlife; rather than longer ‘already finished’ productions. You can however list work of any time duration you wish.
You will be able to select what type of copyright you wish to attach to your sale.
Purchases can be made via Credit Card, PayPal or international BACS transfer.
All sales are paid for in full before your work is transferred to the customer.
You can ask as much or as little you like, for your work.
You will be paid directly into a bank or PayPal account of your choosing.


£ 10

Per Month (recurring)


£ 20

Per Month (recurring)

30GbMost Popular

£ 25

Per Month (recurring)


£ 30

Per Month (recurring)


£ 35

Per Month (recurring)

Please Note:

  • All the information listed below refers to the ‘WFN Stock Server’ only, and no other parts of the Wildlife Film Network website.
  • For the purposes for ease were are going to refer to any, item / file / video footage / video clip / digital image / audio recording / music you have composed yourself; as ‘work’ throughout this page.
  • The WFN Stock Server is provided by the WFN for the members of the WFN to be able to sell their own work online.

Should you have any questions in reference to any of the information on this page, please use the Contact Us form here.

What the WFN Stock server is:

The WFN Stock server is a ‘Video On Demand’ (VOD) server that we rent on an annual basis from a third party. This VOD server is a high specification internet server that hosts video, audio and music files. We use a third party server as it comes fully equipped with all the backup and technical help systems necessary already in place with 24 hour online support.
We hire this VOD server in from an outside source as it is a far more cost effective / maintenance free way to host a VOD server. Were we to host / use our own VOD server, the cost of running such a system would make it financially unviable.

What the WFN Stock Server does:

The WFN Stock Server is effectively a large online folder that is attached to the WFN website. This folder will hold all your ‘work’ that the WFN has uploaded to the WFN Stock Server for you to independently sell to broadcasters, commissioners, editors and production companies. The system is self-contained and runs separately from the WFN website. You do not need to watch the server to see if you work is selling, everything is set up to run automatically. When your work sells you will automatically receive an email informing you of this, and any payment will be made into a pre-arranged account of your choosing.

As a ‘Full Member’ of the WFN you may upload:

  • Wildlife video footage.
  • Wildlife video clips.
  • Completed wildlife films.
  • Completed wildlife documentaries.
  • Audio recordings of wildlife.
  • Music you have composed that could accompany a wildlife film / documentary.
  • Wildlife photographs that you have taken.
  • Your showreel.

These may be of any length, from 20 seconds to 1 full hour.

How to upload your ‘work’ to the WFN Stock Server:

  1. If you have a piece of ‘work’ (or several pieces of work) you wish to sell via the WFN Stock Server, the first thing you need do is email us, so we know to expect some ‘work’ and/or files from you.
  2. You will then need to send us the ‘work’ you wish to sell, to our WeTransfer account.
  3. As well as emailing us your ‘work’ you will also be required to supply us with –
    1. A JPEG that can be used as an advertising poster. (Max size 275x405px)
    2. A short description of your ‘work’. (Max 100 words)
    3. The price you wish to sell your ‘work’ at.
    4. Any copyright or sales restrictions you wish to apply to your ‘work’
  4. On receipt of your ‘work’ we will view / listen to your ‘work’ in full; to make sure –
    1. They do not have any content that may cause offence or distress in reference to viewing / listening to the content.
    2. They are ‘work’ that is related to wildlife. (Work that is not related to wildlife will not be uploaded to the server)
    3. Your ‘work’ is deemed to be of a high enough quality / standard to be available for sale on the WFN Stock Server.
  5. Once the above 3 points (a, b, c) have been agreed; the WFN will upload the ‘work’ to the WFN Stock Server, placing it in a folder that is accessible to all.
  6. By uploading your ‘work’ in this in this manner the WFN can insure that only ‘work’ from WFN members will be listed on the WFN Stock Server.

Rules of using the Stock Server:

  1. You need to be a Full Member (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) to be able to use the WFN Stock Server.
  2. The WFN Stock server is not available to Basic Members or Service Providers.
  3. You are only permitted to upload ‘work’ that you have recorded or produced yourself.
  4. You are not permitted under the laws of copywrite infringement to upload any ‘work’ you do not hold the copyright to yourself.
  5. Anyone found to be breaking any of the WFN Stock Server rules will immediately have their ‘work’ removed from the WFN Server.
  6. The monthly fee for the hire of the WFN Stock Server is set by the amount of server space you wish to hire, as listed above, and increasing at 10Gb intervals. (Should you wish to rent more than 50Gb please email us)
  7. The monthly fees for the hire of the WFN Stock Server will be paid for in advance via a recurring monthly payment through PayPal.
  8. There will be a charge of 1% of your sale price to cover the admin charges in reference to the accounting of the sale, by the WFN.
  9. The 3rd party VOD server provider may charge a fee for the sale of any ‘work’ that you have uploaded to the WFN Stock Server; to cover their own server running costs. These fees may differ from sale to sale and will be removed from the final amount paid to you at the point of sale. These 3rd party VOD server provider fees are an external mandatory payment and will not be covered by the Wildlife film Network in any way.
  10. All funds / profits you make from the sale of your ‘work’ will be paid by the WFN directly into a pre-arranged account of your choosing.
  11. You may have a maximum of 4 uploads a month included in your monthly rental fee.
  12. Any additional uploads will be charged at £10 per upload each to cover our administrative charges.
  13. You can ask to remove any item of your ‘work’ at any time, by informing the WFN in writing.
  14. Once a sale is made it is final, and this action will not be able to be reversed.
  15. The Wildlife Film Network or the WFN Stock Server cannot be held responsible for the sale of any of your ‘work’ at any time. Should you not wish to sell your work, please do not upload it to the WFN Stock Server.
  16. You will be responsible for any sales tax or additional charges that you incur from the sale of your ‘work’
  17. Should an account be seen to have anything on it that is not in keeping with the standards of the Wildlife Film Networks philosophy or Terms and Conditions; it will be removed from the WFN Stock Server immediately without notice. Should this happen we will email you and inform you of this.
  18. Should you have items or ‘work’ removed from your account due to you continuously not keeping within the standards of the Wildlife Film Networks philosophy or Terms and Conditions; your account will be deleted. Should this happen we will email you and inform you of this in advance.
  19. The decision of the Wildlife Film Network of whether to upload, host, display, remove, delete, your item of ‘work’ is final, and will not be reversed.
  20. If you do not agree to abide by any of the WFN Stock Server rules / Terms & Conditions at any time, please do not use the WFN Stock Server.

How people visiting the WFN website will use the WFN Stock Server

Visitors to the WFN website will be able to visit the WFN Stock server in two different ways –

  1. By using the various ‘Category Buttons’ and links displayed throughout the website and website menus; or by using the ‘Link Buttons’ at the top and bottom of this page. Using this option will take you to a search menu where you can look through “all” of the items of ‘work’ that are on the WFN Stock Server.
  2. By clicking on the yellow button that reads ‘View Stock Footage’ that is on an individual WFN members full profile page, you will be taken to a sub-folder within the WFN Stock Server where only the ‘work’ of that individual WFN member will be available.