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Those looking to find work in the film and television production industry anywhere in the world will know that it can be extremely difficult; and therefore by default, working professionally in any form of wildlife film or documentary production, is even harder.

The Wildlife Film Network has been formed to help its members overcome some of the larger obstacles that lie in the way of entering / working in the wildlife film industry by;
1. Making it easier to meet with like-minded people, by way of face-to-face network meetings,
2. Independently raising funds to be able to produce a project; by way of a members production kitty,
3. By giving you the opportunity of being employed by our own independent wildlife production company and gaining a broadcast credit for working on a wildlife production.

The Wildlife Film Network has developed from over a decade of running the UK Wildlife Film School as a way of continuing to help fulfil the needs of people wishing to work in wildlife film and television production.
The UK Wildlife Film School has been successfully running for over 10+ years now; during which time it became the only wildlife film school outside of a university setting to award its students an internationally recognised qualification for attending a course; and whilst some of our students have gone on to gain employment with some of the largest wildlife and natural history production companies in the world (Such as the BBC Natural History Unit and Films@59.) and work on such prestigious documentary series as ‘Our Planet’ with Sir David Attenborough; we are greatly aware that approximately 90% of all media students that have studied some form of film or television production in the UK whether it be at a college, university or elsewhere; are still not actually be working in film or television production industry.

We feel this is simply not good enough and have decided to expand our operations to offer an alternative way of entering the industry to those still wishing to work in the fantastic genre of wildlife film-work and photography by creating…
The “Wildlife Film Network”

Become a member of the Wildlife Film Network

The main purpose of the Wildlife Film Network is to provide a specialist online database (This website) where wildlife orientated members can advertise their interests, skills, services and abilities to the world.

As a member of the WFN you will be able to advertise up to 4 Job Roles in up to 4 different Job Categories; these are
Wildlife Film,
Wildlife Photography,
Wildlife Artist,
Wildlife Writer,
Wildlife Scientist,
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

  • You can join the WFN if you are an amateur, student, wannabe or professional.
  • You do not have to only work in wildlife film, to be a member of the Wildlife Film Network.

WFN Membership Levels

Full Membership:
To join the WFN and display all your details on the WFN database, join us at our monthly network meetings around the UK, and take advantage of many other WFN membership offers; you should join as a Full Member.

Pro Membership:
Pro members have all the benefits of a Full member, with the additional option of being able to display your Showreel on your Personal Profile Page. They will also receive a free ‘Advertising Banner’ (normally £10 a month), designed to bring more web visitors directly to their profile; and finally, 50% of their monthly membership fees will be added to the Production Kitty, which will permit you to work as part of the production crew on a WFN production (Should you wish to)

To join the WFN  ‘Click here’

Join us at our face-to-face network meetings

Once the current restrictions in place to deal with the Covid-19 situation have been lifted; the Wildlife Film Network will run a series of networking meetings in different locations across the UK; where WFN members can make friends and meet other like-minded individuals who actually wish produce wildlife television documentaries and films themselves, or work in the wildlife television / film orientated industries.

As a member of the WFN you will be able to attend as many of these meetings as you like. The Wildlife Film Network is here to act as a meeting point, information hub and database for those already in the industry, and those wishing to enter the industry and work in wildlife production.

As a ‘networking group’ we are looking for members from anyone wishing to work in wildlife documentary and wildlife film production, no matter what your background. We would like to hear from; writers, script-writers, location scouts, film finance managers, camera operators, sound recordists, production assistants, editors, producers, directors, animal behaviour specialists, photographers, conservationists and environmentalists and everyone else in-between.

Check out our interactive forum

To make the Wildlife Film Network even more interactive within the wildlife community, we have now added a Forum to our website.
You do not have to be a member of the WFN to be able to use the WFN Forum. Under ICO/GDPR rules and regulations, you are however required to sign up and sign in as a registered user.

Sign in and Registration is free to everyone

To be taken to the WFN Forum  ‘Click Here’

Tell your friends and colleagues about the Wildlife Film Network

Building a large interactive community from within the world of wildlife filmmaking, wildlife photography and other wildlife orientated industries; the WFN will only ever be as strong as its members.

The more members we have, the stronger we will be; and the more funds we will have in the ‘Production Kitty’ allowing our members to actively be involved in the production of wildlife films and documentaries.
Please spread the word about joining the WFN to anyone who you feel may be interested, or may benefit from being a member.

Thank you, all the team at the WFN.

For your online safety the WFN is registered with the 'Information Commissioner’s Office' (ICO)

For you safety and online security, the Wildlife Film Network Group Ltd. is registered with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
All information within the WFN Database is now stored in line with current ICO and GDPR rules and regulations of the data protection register.
Registered Number: ZB211518

The team behind Wildlife Film Network

Welcome everyone to the Wildlife Film Network. If you would like more information about anything to do with the Wildlife Film Network; please use the Contact Us form here.

Ric Swift

Membership Manager

Paula Elsley

Admin Manager

Jehan Jeffrie

New Media Manager

Rory McLeod

Facebook Manager