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There are two different levels of membership.
Free & supporter
(Membership is open to anyone; amateur, student, wanna–be or professional)

Membership Categories

Wildlife Film Makers

Anyone that is working in, or is interested in working in; wildlife documentary film making (producer, director, camera, sound, research, location, logistics etc.)

Wildlife Photographers

Anyone that is working in, or is interested in; wildlife photography (photographer, photographers assistant, logistics etc.)

Wildlife Artists

Anyone that is working in, or is interested in; wildlife art (drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic artist etc.)

Wildlife Writers

Anyone that is working in, or is interested in working as a wildlife writer (Journalist, script writer, researcher, blogger etc.)

Wildlife Scientists

Anyone who is studying to be, or is working in the scientific study of wildlife (zoologist, biologist or any other scientific subject relating to flora and fauna)

Conservationists & Environmentalists.

Anyone that is volunteering or working to preserve the habitats, environments and ecosystems of plants or wildlife.

Please Note:

The Wildlife Film Network has not been set up to make protest films, or be a point where people protesting about issues can meet.
It is the intention of the Wildlife Film Network, to produce good, broadcast quality, informative, educational documentaries and films based around the subject of wildlife or wildlife habitat or wildlife related issues with funds raised through its membership.

Membership Plans

There are two different types of membership: Free & supporter

Able to attend any WFN Network meetings for free
Have a personal profile page
List your skills under individual or multiple Job Roles
List your Job Roles in more than one Job Category
Display a personal Bio of up to 1000 words
Display your full contact details
List your kit
List your previous work (CV)
Have links to your social media accounts
Have a link to your own website
Display up to 20 photos on your Profile Page
Display your showreel
Have a ‘your location’ pin on our interactive map
Join the WFN Facebook Group
Have the ability to work as crew on a WFN wildlife documentary / film
50% of all ‘Production’ Membership fees go into the ‘Production Kitty’

To join the WFN simply select from one of the membership options below

Free Membership

£ 0

  • List up to
    4 Job Roles

    in 4 Job Categories

  • Display up to
    20 photos
  • With a
    1000 word

    description / bio

  • Link to your
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Supporter Membership

£ 1

Per Month (recurring)
  • List up to
    4 Job Roles

    in 4 Categories

  • Display up to
    20 photos
  • With a
    1000 word 


  • Link to your
  • Link to your
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‘Free’ Membership:

Wow, Free !!
You don’t get anything for free these days… so we would suggest you sign up immediately and start advertising your Contact details, Skillset and Experience to the world.

Not to mention all the networking you can do !

‘Support the WFN’ Membership:

For those of you who are wise enough to appreciate that you do not get anything for free these days, and that even this website has monthly running costs such as DNS registration, hosting, database fees and ICO registration etc. we have given you the option (Should you be kind enough) to help pay a little something towards the running costs of the site, and thus helping to maintain the success and longevity of the website.

We feel that the sum of just £1 a month is such a small sum that you will not even notice it. However, if all of our WFN members were kind enough to sign up via this ‘supporter’ tier, it would make a very big difference to lifespan of the website, and the options the WFN can offer you, in addition to advertising your contact details etc. to the world.

You may join the WFN as a Amateur, Student, Wannabe or Professional:

( You do not have to be a professional working in the television / film / photographic orientated industries to become a member of the Wildlife Film Network )

Whilst we happily welcome memberships from professionals, the WFN network is also heavily geared towards getting members who are already working in the production industry (but not necessarily in wildlife) as well as members that are not working in any form of wildlife production or wildlife orientated organisation; to be able to gain more experience and learn new practical skills in whatever area of ‘the world of wildlife’ they wish to work in. Whether it be it be camerawork, script writing, logistics, studying one of the specialist scientific subjects or generally working in a conservation capacity as a volunteer.

The Wildlife Film Network is here to help you advertise your skills and interests to the world (via this website) whilst further developing your fundamental ‘contacts list’ (via face-to-face networking meetings); and giving you the opportunity to become involved in collaborative productions of wildlife television documentaries and films that the WFM members will themselves be producing (via the WFN’s in-house production company).