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WFN Monthly Newsletter (September 2022)

Please find the WFN Newsletter for the month ending September 2022.
Should anyone wish to add/write anything to the next newsletter, please feel free to email it to me at

Points of notice for this month:
New – 1. New members
New – 2. Nobody joined the Zoom meeting on the 22nd September
New – 3. We have been given a donation of £10,000 for the Doc’s & Film Unit Production Kitty.
Regular – 4. October’s face-to-face network meeting will be a ‘Members Choice’ location
Repeated – 5. We have moved our 1st monthly zoom meeting to Tuesdays
Repeated – 6. Uploading photos to your Profile Page
Repeated – 7. We would like to hear from our international members
Repeated – 8. Please start using the Forum
Repeated – 9. Please talk to your friends and colleges about joining the WFN

1. We gained no new members last month:
Please remember to encourage everyone you know or work with to join the Wildlife Film Network as a member! The more members we have, the better the network will be.
At the moment, things seem to be stagnating a little (it may just be the time of year). But please remember that this is your community, it is here to work for you, and it will only do this if it expands to its true potential; and to do this fully its membership needs to grow considerably more than where it presently stands.
It is our intention for the WFN to be the first place for people to look if they are wishing to engage in / or employ the services of; anyone working in wildlife film making or wildlife conservation, and it needs a lot more than just 50 members to do this!

2. Nobody joined the Zoom meeting on the 22nd September
Sadly, no one joined you for our 22nd September zoom meeting.
Our next zoom meeting will be on Tuesday 11th October. We hope to see some of you there.

3. We have been given a donation of £10,000 for the Doc’s & Film Unit Production KittyJuly.
We have been given a donation of £10,000 to put into our 2023 Production Kitty. This is fantastic news for all, and we hope that our members will all be able to come together in one section / skill / part or another to help with producing a project.
Naturally, we have a production in mind that we would like to produce. However, should you also have a project you would like the WFN to produce or co-produce, please email it to us (With as much detail in it as possible) and we will have a serious look at it.

4. October’s Face-to-Face network meeting will again be a ‘Members Choice’ location
As we have not heard from any WFN members in reference to the location you wish to have our October Face-to-Face network meeting in; we will not be holding one.
Our next WFN Face-to-Face network meeting will be on Saturday 19th November. Again, this is a ‘members choice’ location.
To vote for a location for November, simply email your location choice to us before Friday the 23rd October, and we will include it in our end of month Newsletter.
The location with the most choices, or the location with the most choices nearest to it, will be the chosen location.
Please send your choice to


Below are comments brought forward from previous newsletters.

5. We have moved our 1st monthly zoom meeting to Tuesdays:
We have now moved the Doc’s & Film Unit zoom meeting from a Thursday to a Tuesday from August (09.08.22). Not many people are joining us for our zoom meetings at present, and this may be because they both occur on a Thursday night. So hopefully this may rectify this a little.
We have also changed the Doc’s & Film Unit zoom meeting into a ‘normal’ zoom meeting (effectively, just a chat amongst the WFN members) It was the intention for the DFU zoom meeting to be a place where we could discuss projects that the WFN are producing, but as the both overall membership and production kitty are still very low, it will be a considerable amount of time before this becomes a reality.

6. Uploading photos to your Profile Page:
It has been pointed out by a couple of members that they have had issues whist trying to upload all their Profile Page photographs in one large upload. We would therefore like to politely suggest that when uploading photographs, you click on the ‘save Profile’ button after two or three photos to save this being an issue.

7. We would like to hear from our international members:
We are aware that whilst the WFN is a great place for our International Members to display their experience, skill set and contact details; it is very hard for them to become involved in the actual day to day interaction of the website as they are not in the UK. However, we would like to encourage them to become as involved as they can with the WFN either by writing something we can add to a monthly newsletter, or by posting a thread in the WFN Forum. 

8. Please start using the Forum: (It’s free to use)
I know that Forums are a bit out of date now, but we have added one to our website as a way of people being able to hold a written conversation about things outside of the Zoom meetings etc. It’s a great place to talk about production techniques, equipment used, problems you experience whilst producing a film and any other subject. It’s also very useful as it doesn’t have to work around time zones so could be an extremely good way of communication with our international members.

9. Please talk to your friends and colleges about joining the WFN:
I am sure I will end every newsletter with this for the next few months at least – But the WFN will only ever be a good as its membership. The larger and more diverse the membership is, the better skills pool we will be able to reach into to find crew to produce our DFU wildlife documentary / films.  So please feel free to mention joining the WFN to anyone who you feel may be interested.
Please remember: We are not just wanting to have memberships from wildlife camera operators. We are also looking for sound opps, editors, scriptwriters, location scouts, presenters, narrators, graphic artists and music composers, producers and directors (to mention just a few) as well as scientist working in any subject related to wildlife, and environmentalists and conservationists. The bigger the mix, the better!