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Become an ‘award winning’ Wildlife Photographer

So… would you like to become an ‘award winning wildlife photographer’ ?
Photography award titles are held in high regard within the industry. It is a well known that an award-winning photographer will go on to gain more professional work then an unrecognised photographer.

As the Wildlife Film Network moves well and truly out of all of the lockdown restrictions imposed by Covid and people are more freely able to get out and about, we are going celebrate this new found freedom by running our annual Wildlife Photographic Awards. Submission/entry dates will be from 1st April 2024 until 1st October 2024, with the judging period being held at the end of October 2024.

The Award process is equally open to all, WFN members and non WFN-members alike. The winner of the award will have the honour of being able to introduce themselves as an WFN award-winning wildlife photographer, be listed as such on the WFN website, receive an award certificate and trophy for permanent display; as well as the prize fund generated from the event submissions fees.

The WFNAPA awards will have six categories:

  1. Wildlife:
    This is a photograph of any wildlife, large or small, in any location from across the world.
  2. Marine:
    This is a photograph of any marine wildlife, or marine wildlife orientated photograph, either taken topside or underwater.
  3. Macro:
    This is a photograph of any wildlife taken with a Macro lens, either on location or in a purpose built set.
  4. Landscape:
    This is a photograph of a wildlife landscape – The wildlife does not need to be the central point of focus within this photograph.
  5. Behind the scenes:
    This can be a photograph of you working on a set you have built, carrying equipment up a mountain or any other behind the scenes photo of you working on wildlife orientated production.
  6. Computer Edited Image:
    This can be a photograph that has been very heavily edited with computer software to emphasise any attribute within the photo, that would otherwise disqualify it from the competition for being un-natural. You can swap out the sky, remove backscatter, add a feature or make a collage of more than one original photo etc.

Entry to the awards could not be easier. Everything is automated for you.
Simply enter anything from one to ten photographs in a single upload using our online form. (You may enter as many photographs, under as many categories as you wish, during the year running up to the judging period in October.
Simply complete the form below and you will be automatically taken to PayPal where you can securely pay  your entry fee by credit or debit card. PayPal will email you a receipt upon completion of the process

For an overview of the entry / submission rules  ‘Click Here’

Single Entry

£ 10

Equivalent to £10 per image
  • Upload a single image for consideration
  • Ideal for a single outstanding piece of work
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Up to 5 EntriesMost Popular

£ 35

Equivalent to as little as £7 per image
  • Upload five images in one submission
  • Perfect if you have several strong photographs in your collection
  • Saves you time and money
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Up to 10 Entries

£ 50

Equivalent to as little as £5 per image
  • Upload up to 10 images in one submission
  • Perfect if you have several strong photographs in your collection
  • Saves time and money
  • Best value for money
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By participating in this event, you agree to our rules, terms and conditions.