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How to book on a course

The Booking Schedule and Process
All courses are filled on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, so you need to book as early as you can to avoid missing out on the course. We recommend you book at least 4 weeks before the closing date of your course. Amazingly, every year we continue to have students miss out on their desired course, due to them leaving the application process until the last day before the closing date.

To book onto one of our Wildlife Film Courses, simply drop us an email at ‘‘ and we will email you a medical questionnaire; a pre-course information pack; a packing list; and a copy of our terms and conditions of booking; along with our banking details (which differ slightly depending on if you live in the UK or overseas). Once you receive your paperwork you are required to read them, print them out, sign them, scan them, and email them / this paperwork back to us.

There are 2 ways in which you can pay for a course –

1. Pay outright:
When paying for your course outright, you pay for your course in full, in one payment (including the payment of the Equipment Damage Waiver (£1000)) when you return your booking paperwork to us. This is by far the most secure way of securing your place on a course, as once your course fees and paperwork have been received, your place on the course is secured.
You may book your course outright at any time you wish. The further from the closing date you book, the more chance there is of you securing a place on the course, as all courses are limited to just 8 students.

2. Pay by instalments:
When paying for your course in instalments; you pay the deposit for the course (£1000) when returning your booking paperwork – then simply divide the remaining course fees into equal payments to be paid at the end of each month, between the `date of paying your deposit´ and the `closing date of the course´
We recommend that if you intend to pay via instalments, that you start the booking / payment process as early as you are able to. This will in turn make your monthly payments smaller, and allow you to make them over a longer period of time. Again, the further from the closing date you book, the more chance there is of you securing a place on the course, as all courses are limited to just 4 students.

•  We will email you a payment agreement for you to sign when paying in instalments.
•  Your place on the course is only secured, only after your booking paperwork has been received and your course fees have been paid in full.

Student loans:
Unfortunately, the Wildlife Film School is not in the position to be able to offer any form of a student loan.

Payment Receipts:
Every time you make a payment, we will email you a receipt.

Payment Refunds:
•  Should we/the wildlife film school need to cancel your course for any reason, you will receive a ´full refund´ of all your course fees you have paid to date.
•  Should you fail to pay the full amount of your course fees, or fail to return your booking paperwork before the closing date of your course, you will not be able to attend this course.
•  All of our courses are payable via UK Bank Transfer, or International Bank Transfer (IBAN). Unfortunately we are not able to take Card Payments of any kind.
•  If you are intending to pay for this course in instalments, please inform us at the start of the booking process so we can send you a payment agreement with your booking paperwork.

Should you wish to book onto one of our Wildlife Film Courses, simply drop us an email at ‘‘ and we will get back to you with all the necessary booking paperwork.

Please don’t forget to include your…
•  First and last name (We need this to put on the booking paperwork)
•  Email address.
•  Are you male or female
•  What is your age?   (You have to be over 18 to attend a course)
•  Where do you live? (Town / Country)
•  What is your present occupation?

And finally – Feel free to tell us a bit about yourself…
•  What´s your interest in filming and/or wildlife?
•  Have you previously attended any wildlife film courses and if so, when and where?
•  What do you hope to do as your chosen career path?
•  What camping / bush experience do you have?
(This information does not limit you in any way, it’s simply so we can get an idea of what background you have, so that we can tailor your experience enabling you to get the most out your course)

The completion of this information does not guarantee your place on a course; this is simply a course inquiry and the first part of the booking process. You will also be required to complete, sign and return a Pre-course Medical Questionnaire, and our Terms & Conditions of Booking and pay the course fee in full, before you place is fully secured.

Please fill out all the information we have asked for. The information may also be used (anonymously) to help gain additional funding which will lower the overall cost of your course.
By not filling such items as age, sex, location, occupation etc. we may find it harder to gain future funding and offer you discounted courses.
(Thank you for understanding this)

All courses are filled on a ´first come, first served´ basis, so you need to book as early as you can to avoid missing out on the course.
Each course is strictly limited to just 4 students.

During the last year, we have had students having difficulties paying their course fees due to the new, tougher, ‘Anti-money laundering laws’ in the United States. We would seriously recommend you do not leave paying your course fees until the day (or even the week) before the closing date of your chosen course, even if you do not live in the USA, to avoid any delays that may be caused by your own banks paperwork, thus forcing you to miss out on your course due to not paying your course fees within the time required, before the closing date.

Thank you for your time.

Under the new 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) laws, we only use the information provided to contact you directly. We do not pass or sell any of the information that you have given us to a 3rd party.

By submitting this information, you agree to allow us to keep the information you have provided us on file, and contact you directly in response to your enquiry; as well as the possibility of offering you any new (or discounted) courses in the future.
Should you not wish us to do this, would you please inform us of this in writing in your email.