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The wildlife film school are fortunate enough to be sponsored by some of the worlds leading manufacturing and supply companies of television and video production equipment to the broadcast and cine industries.
Without their continuing support, we simply would not be able to offer you the high specification of equipment on our film courses.


Sennheiser manufacture the best Audio microphone in the broadcast industry. It is well know throughout the UK and the rest of the world that Sennheiser are often the first call for sound recordists ( and camera operators) who are looking for good professional sound to accompany their footage.

The Wildlife Film school will be using there K6 modular microphone system with is selection of interchangeable heads (K6 + ME62, ME64,ME66, ME67) whilst out on location. This will allow us to gain the best possible audio to accompany the footage you film on location and use as part of your final finished film.


Rycote manufacture the worlds best microphone windshield systems and are the UK´s leading supplier of high end audio products to the broadcast and cine industry. Every single production company, news team and film crew who are serious about eliminating all possible traces of wind noise from their audio recordings / films use Rycote equipment.

Rycote have supplied us with a Pistol grip for eliminating handling noise whilst using our Rycote softe, and wind-jammer kit for use with our Roland R-26 field recorder; as well as a a complete Super-shield system for a Sennheiser shotgun microphone; plus their new and highly-technical ‘Cyclone’ microphone windshield system specifically designed to reduce internal reflective noise even further, by containing no parallel surfaces within its construction.

Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer manufacture a wide range of professional camera batteries and fast chargers for use in both the broadcast and cine worlds, all fitting ergonomically to the latest high-end cinematic rigs or shoulder-mounted ENG cameras to DSLR single camera operators

Anton Bauer are sponsoring us a range of equipment for use during our courses; their ‘Anton Bauer Cine 150 gold mount & V-mount batteries’ and their ‘Digital 150/190 gold mount & V-mount ENG broadcast batteries´ as well as their ‘High Performance V-mount fast Charger’ allowing you to try out different systems out on location.


Atomos manufacture a wide range of video monitoring equipment and recorders for use in all genera’s of production, from high-end cinematic rigs to DSLR single camera operators.

Atomos are supplying a range of equipment for use during our courses; allowing off-camera recording in 4k. Multi HDMI connection, XLR Audio input, Time-Laps Recording, Pre-roll, and other monitoring functions like LUT´s, Waveform, Vectorscope, Focus Peaking, RGB Parade and False Colour.


Sachtler manufacture the worlds best tripod and camera stabilisation systems. Every camera operator worth his salt knows this and uses Sachtler to assist them in getting the smoothest of camera movements in some of the most remote or harshest locations around the world, whether it be filming in Antarctica, Yellowstone or the harsh heat of the Australian outback, you know that Sachtler will deliver the goods required first time, every time.


Cinegearpro are a London based importer and distributor, of a wide range of carefully selected professional products.
Acting as both retailers and wholesalers and rental service, they pride themselves of supplying affordable products to all sectors of the industry, from independent filmmakers, to film schools, production companies and cinematography producers within the broadcast and cine industry.

When filming wildlife the need to have high quality lenses is essential, however this can come with a compromise as some of these lenses can weight in excess of 10 Kg on there own. To support such a lens you need to have a high quality lens support system. Tilta manufacture the 19mm ES-T15-C system for the Sony FS7, consisting of 19mm rails, 6×6 Matt Box and Professional follow focus, all of which will complement the use of such lenses when filming with them. Experience this lens support rig first hand during our courses.

Wildlife Watching Supplies

Wildlife Watching Supplies is the UK´s largest supplier of camouflaged equipment specifically designed for watching wildlife. Holding the UK license to produce their equipment using the excellent ‘Advantage Timber’ pattern print, they stock everything from throw-over and dome hides to camera camouflaging equipment.

Wildlife Watching Supplies have sponsored us with all of our throw-over and dome hides we will be using on the courses, enabling us to get closer to the wildlife without startling them, whilst simultaneously protecting us from the elements. Come and use them first hand and see just what a difference they make.


Anyone who works in a remote location knows that one of the simplest, but most important of needs is fresh clean water. Clean water however is far from a simple affair, so we leave nothing to chance and use the world renown company Sigg to supply us with a mobile water purification system that works anywhere there is water with the smallest amount of effort.

Sigg take the worry out of water purification, so you don’t have to, and you can get on with your daily routine as if your water were coming from a drinking tap.


Peli Products produce ultra rugged cases for equipment of all kinds. Peli cases are airtight and therefore are also waterproof, dust and sand proof and buoyant; they also automatically adjust to different air pressures in flight when carried in the hold of an aircraft. They are made from Copolymer Polypropylene which means they´re nearly impenetrable and offer completely unparalleled protection from falls, knocks and bangs.

They are commonly used by the TV and film industry for transporting camera equipment as they are simply the best. And as such, we also use them for transporting some of our camera equipment during our courses.

Performance Insurance

Performance Film & Media Insurance (Part of the Lark Group), cover us for all our annual insurance needs.

You may however may find their quick quote insurance, fast, efficient and extremely good value for money.
Anyone looking for insurance for anything from the cover of equipment, to personal liability and production re-shoot funding need look no further than Performance Insurance.