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'New and improved' membership levels

(1st September 2022)

We have recently updated our WFN membership levels to better reflect our membership. You are now able to join as an International member, a Student, Full member or a Pro member.

International Membership:
If you are joining the WFN from Overseas, do not pay UK Tax, will not be joining our monthly network meetings, and probably will not be involved in any WFN Productions; but still wish to take full advantage of advertising your details in the WFN database, you can enjoy a heavy discounted membership here.

Student Membership:
If you are a student studying ‘any’ subject within the UK, you can enjoy a heavy discounted membership by joining the WFN as a student. You will be able to join us at our monthly network meetings, as well as taking full advantage of advertising your details in the WFN database.
(You will need to prove you are a registered / studying student to receive a student account)

Full Membership:
Or, if you are not an international member or a UK student, and still wish to join the WFN to display your details on the WFN database, join us at our monthly network meetings around the UK, and take advantage of many other WFN membership offers; you should join as a Full Member.

Pro Membership:
Pro members have all the benefits of a Full member, with the additional option of being able to display your Showreel on your Personal Profile Page. They will also receive a free ‘Advertising Banner’ (normally £10 a month), designed to bring more web visitors directly to their profile; and finally, 50% of their monthly membership fees will be added to the Production Kitty, which will permit them to work as part of the production crew on a WFN production (Should they wish to)

To join the WFN at any level of membership  ‘Click here’

+ We have added our 'Wildlife Film School' to our network

(19th November)

To make the Wildlife Film Network even more interactive within the wildlife community, we have now our Wildlife Film School  to our WFN community website.
Please do not think that because we have just added our film school now it is of no relevance. We have been running the wildlife film school for the past 15 years, and the WFN Network is actually devised from ideas spawned during our time running these film courses.

You do not have to be a member of the WFN to attend a wildlife film school course with us. (but it would be nice of you were)

To be taken to our Wildlife Film School website Click Here

+ We have added our 'Doc's & Film Unit' to our network

(19th November)

A large part of the Wildlife Film Network is our ‘Doc’s & Film Production Unit. it is the intention of this unit to produce wildlife documentaries and films for broadcast from within the WFN members.

You need to be a ‘Pro’ Member of the WFN to be able to work as part of the ‘Doc’s & Film Unit.

To be taken to the WFN ‘Doc’s & Film Unit Click Here

+ We have added the 'APPS' website to our network

(19th November)

To make it easier to find, we have now added the APPS website (Anti-poaching Project Selous) to the Wildlife Film Network.

Please feel free to donate to the APPS Project. There is a PayPal donation button in the footer of all of our WFN websites. You donation will make a big different to saving iconic African wildlife from the fate of the poacher.

To be taken to the APPS website Click Here

+ We have added an 'Interactive Forum' to our network

(23rd September 2022)

To make the Wildlife Film Network even more interactive within the wildlife community, we have now added a Forum to our website.
You do not have to be a member of the WFN to be able to use the WFN Forum. Under ICO/GDPR rules and regulations, you are required to sign in as a registered user.

Sign in and Registration is free to everyone

To be taken to the WFN Forum  ‘Click Here’

Our next WFN network meeting is in Manchester (Jan 2022)

We holding our next face-to-face WFN network meeting in Manchester in January 2022.
Should you be interested in joining us at the meeting, please complete the RSVP form on the event page.

For more information Click here

Please welcome our first 'Service Providers' member - Viewfinders Kenya

Sajid Darr has been the head of Viewfinders Kenya Ltd for the past six years; working as a Fixer, Production Manager, Location Scout and Safari guide.
Born and bred in Kenya, Sajid was trained by the legendary Jean Hartley to carry on her legacy in the wonderful world of wildlife film making.
Viewfinders Kenya have worked for BBC NHU, Plimsoll Productions, Silverback, Humblebee and many others.

Tell your friends and colleagues about the Wildlife Film Network

Building a large interactive community from within the world of wildlife filmmaking, wildlife photography and other wildlife orientated industries; the WFN will only ever be as strong as its members.

The more members we have, the stronger we will be; and the more funds we will have in the ‘Production Kitty’ allowing our members to actively be involved in the production of wildlife films and documentaries.
Please spread the word about joining the WFN to anyone who you feel may be interested, or may benefit from being a member.

Thank you, all the team at the WFN.

Were registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

(24th September)

For you safety and online security, the Wildlife Film Network Group Ltd. is registered with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
All information within the WFN Database is now stored in line with current ICO and GDPR rules and regulations of the data protection register.
Registered Number: ZB211518